Hello! I’m Suzanne. I am a storyteller, performing artist, and aspiring author.


I have always loved telling stories. The first story I remember telling in second grade was a tall tale about 7 sisters all named Mary and their giant Christmas Tree. Now I love telling stories with a pen, the stage, music, or movement.


I started my career as a corporate trainer, where I told stories to illustrate an idea or concept for customer service or sales. During that time I got my Master’s Degree in Training and Development and Instructional Design. With that experience, I  wrote technical, instructional manuals for different processes at a major financial services company.


As a Stay-at-Home-Mom, my daughter begged me to tell her my made-up stories of brave children and their adventures.


As a school and community theater director and choreographer, I help others tell stories through dialog and movement.


Now, as I find myself entering my life’s Act II, I am making time to write down some of the stories I told my daughter and writing the stories of caring for a dear aunt with dementia. I am also working on my first middle-grade novel.